Refresh yourself with history

Stolac is a town situated in the south-eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the uttermost east of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton. The town was erected on the Bregava riverbanks and it is surrounded by mount Hrgud and the Vidovo field with neighbouring places rich in cultural history. The western access into Stolac is fhe Dubravska plateau, particularly known for peach growing and, above all, Dubrave vineyards and the famous wines from Stolac.

The area of Stolac has been attracting people since prehistoric times with its Mediterranean charm, good water, serene sky, tame landscape and harmony of natural beauties. Illyrians and Greek sailors, Roman patricians, Gothic invaders from the east, Slavic high dignitaries, Ottoman nobles, Venetian soldiers, Austro-Hungarian governors, and many other admirers of suri, fresh Bregava waters, cultural and historical values and mysterious messages from fhe centuries long gone, have left their mark in fhis area: hillforts and tombstones, names on stone plates – messages for those to come after them.

Stolac is the place with the longest and the richest history of urban life in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It belongs to a small group of places in the Balkans where material evidence of urban life have been preserved for over 3,500 years, dating back to the time of the last discovered remains of the Illyrian town, Daorson.

Kapetanovina Stolac