Feel the strength of nature

Blagaj has always been a place visited for its beauty, fascinating nature and history that can be felt at any moment. Unique atmosphere at the source of the river Buna, the peace of the Dervish House and the fresh waters of Buna make it a truly special place.
The town of Blagaj and its surroundings are characterised by the diversity of surface waters and groundwater, karst formations and rocks.In that sense, Blagaj is one of the most beautiful examples of the geomorphologic processes that have shaped this area throughout history.

The source of the river Buna is one of the largest and most certainly one of the most beautiful sources of its type in Europe. The water springs out from underneath a 200 meter high vertical diff at the top of which lie the ruins of the old town of Herzog Stjepan, the last ruler of Herzegovina before the Ottoman period. Seeing the enormous quantity of water creating this river probably impressed the Ottoman sultan so much that he ordered the construction of a beautiful Dervish House at the very source of the river Buna. Today, the Dervish House is one of the most mystical places in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This house was constructed in the 16th century to be used by the dervish order and in its magnificent garden overlooking the source of Buna you can have a taste of freshly squeezed lemonade and coffee prepared in a traditional way.
Blagaj area is known for its diverse flora and many endemic species. Fertile arable land is ideal for growing typical Mediterranean crops with lots of fruit and vegetables. Blagaj has to thank its position as the tourist centre of Herzegovina today to the fact that it has 11 national monuments which attract numerous tourists. These monuments indude the already mentioned Old Town above Blagaj, the attractive Velagićevina residential complex right next to the river, as well as the mosque of the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and the Karađozbeg Bridge.

The complex of old residential houses Velagićevina is a true example of how people used to live and where they dwelled in the olden days and how they spent their time in Blagaj houses and gardens. People also come to Blagaj because of the unique taste of the Blagaj trout, a species living in Buna river, especially succulent when consumed in one of the numerous picturesque Blagaj restaurants constructed in the old architectural style and located right next to the river Buna.