In the canyon of Neretva

Jablanica belongs to the upper region of Herzegovina. It is located under the mountains Čvrsnica and Prenj which pose a natural barrier between the Mediterranean and the continental climate.

The river Neretva flows through the centre of the town. The natural resources in this municipality are abundant and stil! not fully used and as such they present a good foundation for development of tourism. Jablanica Lake, mountains Prenj and Čvrsnica, skiing resort Risovac and the river Neretva canyon are only some of the natural beauties you are sure to remember for a long time.

The calm waters of Lake Jablanica offer the possibility of engaging in water sports, whereas kayaking and rafting can be enjoyed in the Neretva canyon. Mountains Prenj and Čvrsnica are ideal for sport fishing and hiking, while Risovac, located within the Nature Park Blidinje, is perfect for winter tourism.

Kapetanovina Jablanica